Healsio Superheated Steam Oven

Oven Capacity (L): 31
Cooking Program: Superheated Steam / Pure Steam / Grill / Convection / Microwave / Proof
Color: Red


Superheated steam is to heat ordinary steam to higher than 100⁰C, turning it into colorless and transparent gas molecules. When the Superheated steam contacts with the food, it can transfer huge heat energy to the food. This cooking method using a large amount of heat energy technology is called "Superheated steam technology". During the cooking process, microwave heating is not combined at all, which can reduce cell damage and oxidation, and keep the original umami taste of food.

Superheated Steam at 250˚C
Superheated Steam transfers a huge amount of heat to the food with a air-tight door mechanism, which retain essential nutrients and delicious taste of food.

Retainment of Natural deliciousness Umami(+1.4 times)*/ Sweetness(+1.2 times)*2
Superheated Steam cooking minimizes the loss from cooking, the natural flavors, moisture and nutrients in food ingredients. As a result you get 'natural deliciousness'.

Reduces Calories (-23% kcal)*1
Cook delectable roasted and fried food quickly with less calories.

Retainment of Essential Nutrients (+1.4 times)*1
Minimized loss of natural flavours, moisture, and nutrients in the heating process.

Caring Cooking Mode
Superheated Steam: 100 - 250˚C
Pure Steam: 70 - 100˚C
Convection: 100 - 250˚C
Proof: 30 - 45˚C
Microwave: 200/500/600/800W
Grill: 1410W
All in one (Grill / Bake / Stir Fry / Steam)
Reheat: Crispy / Steam / Bread / Frozen Food / Desired Temperature
Beverage 1/2/3/4 cup & Sensor Reheat

Multifunctional water oven offering you and your family different kinds of delicious foods, you will discover how easy and enjoyable cooking can be with Healsio water oven.

- Sterilize with high-temperature steam, which can sterilize dishes or baby bottles etc.

Easy Maintenance
- SUS+Silicon paint coating*4 eliminates smell, prevents odor build-up and oil from sticking to its interior.
- The steam cleaning function allows dirty build-up to be easily wiped off.

*Testing Laboratory: Japan Food Research Laboratory
*2 SHARP Corporation
*3 KyotoMicrobio Laboratory
*4 Okitsumo (Corp.)

Oven Capacity (L)
Cooking Program
Superheated Steam / Pure Steam / Grill / Convection / Microwave / Proof
Output Power (W)
Microwave: 200/500/600/800
Grill: 1410
Temperature Range
Superheated Steam: 100 - 250˚C
Pure Steam: 70 - 100˚C
Convection: 100 - 250˚C
Proof: 30˚C - 45˚C
Humidity / Infrared / Temperature
Auto Cooking (No. of Menu)
No. of Recipe
Cleaning Mode
Sterilization / Drainage / Steam Cleaning / Descale / Clean Oven
Interior Material
SUS & Silicon paint
Cavity Dimension (W x H x D) (mm)
400 x 244 x 316
Outside Dimension (W x H x D) (mm)
500 x 420 x 475
Red (-R)
Baking Tray x 2
Grill Rack x 1
Water Tank x 1
220V ~ 50Hz 1.41kW